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Work-life balance is a discussion that should not be missed when you want to work for a company. One of them is Walmart, a company that is popular because it has a work-life balance and has succeeded in making its staff feel comfortable working there.

As a large company, Walmart prioritizes staff comfort with several regulations. Many staff feel that they benefit from working at Walmart because of the pleasant work rules.

Interested in working at Walmart? Here are some things that make work-life balance at Walmart a dream for many people.

Walmart Supports Work-Life Balance For Its Workers

When you want to apply for a job at a company, of course, you will look for reviews about that company. One of them is in terms of the type of work and how you have to go through it.

Walmart is a company that supports its workers in achieving work-life balance. How to? Here are some things that Walmart is doing so that its workers can get a work-life balance:

1. Workers Have Full Control of Their Schedules and Work

Walmart has an app that all its workers can access. In this application, workers can see their work and holiday schedules. You can apply for leave or shift exchange 2 weeks in advance with this application.

This application will make it easier for you to find out your schedule and ask for rest time.

2. Consistent 40 Hours and Fixed Pay

Walmart is consistent in providing work hours of 40 hours per week with a fixed salary. You can work with teammates to achieve set working hours.

This method will allow you and your fellow teammates to enjoy the comfort and work-life balance with the salary you expect. High working hours also make them more enthusiastic about working.

3. Offer Flexible Schedules for Workers in Need

As a worker at Walmart, you will be allowed to work flexible hours. This can be obtained when you want to get 40 hours of work time or want to gain new skills.

The salary you get can be adjusted to what you do, but this must be discussed first. If you want to swap shifts, Walmart also provides the opportunity.

You can choose when you are available to change shifts, especially when you have urgent matters. You can also get training to qualify to work in all Walmart stores.

Walmart continues to develop the potential of its workers to be able to obtain the skills needed with flexible working hours options.

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4. Provide Paid Leave Options

Walmart provides the option to combine paid sick leave and personal leave to use for your chosen vacation time. Employees can choose their vacation time by combining leave they don’t use.

Many workers don’t take time off because they want to combine it at the end of the year or the holiday season. Walmart does not prohibit this and you can do it.

5. Parental Leave

Walmart also provides 16 weeks of maternity and postnatal leave. That’s plenty of time to enjoy being a new parent. You also still get a salary.

Becoming a new parent takes time to adapt. Of course, this is difficult to do, especially if you are a mother who has just given birth and has to care for a newborn.

Walmart provides pregnant workers with the opportunity to get paid leave with full pay. You can enjoy your new role as a parent with this leave right.

Several things above are proof that Walmart supports workers’ work-life balance and is the dream company of many people. Are you interested in working here? Check out some of the job vacancies that allow you to apply here.

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